Harmonogram wizyty studyjnej (Agenda of study visit) na Wydziale Biologii i Biotechnologii

Agenda of study visit I

29th of May 2019


Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology

and Laboratory of Gene Expression (ECOTECH-COPLEX)

Maria Curie-Skłodowska University


13.30-15.00Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology


1. Department of Botany and Mycology (13.30-13.50)

Dr hab. Aneta Ptaszyńska, prof. UMCS

The research on pathogens of honey bee and nosemosis:

  • Identification methods of the pathogens of honey bee: Nosema apis
    and Nosema ceranae.
  • Plant extracts in treatment for nosemosis, the disease of honey bees.

2. Department of Animal Physiology (13.50-14.20)

Dr hab. Katarzyna Socała

Dr Dorota Nieoczym

  • Behavioral neuroscience in the field of epilepsy, depression and anxiety.
  • Searching of new (both naturally-derived and synthetic) antiepileptic, antidepressant and anxiolytic compounds.
  • Toxicity studies of new compounds in rodents.

3. Department of Biochemistry (14.20-14.50)

Prof. dr hab. Jerzy Rogalski

  • The optimization of cultivation procedures and their intensification
  • for efficient fungal lipolytic, amylolytic, cellulolytic, hemicellulolytic
    and lignolytic enzymes synthesis.
  • The potential application of some obtained biocatalyzers to waste substances remediation, potential usage of them in medicine and
    for productions of open biofuel cells electrodes

15.00-15.30 – Laboratory of Gene Expression (ECOTECH-COPLEX Analytical
and Programme Centre for Advanced Environmentally-Friendly Technologies)

Dr hab. Agata Starosta




    Data dodania
    29 maja 2019