Wykład prof. Bárbary Bäckström "The host of refugees relocated in Portugal: the intervention of local institutions"

Serdecznie zapraszamy na wykład prof. Bárbary Bäckström (Universidade Aberta, Lizbona, Portugalia) pt. The host of refugees relocated in Portugal: the intervention of local institutions. Wykład odbędzie się w ramach programu Erasmus+.

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  • 19.06.2018 (wtorek), godzina 13.00-14.30, sala 240, Wydział Filozofii i Socjologii UMCS


The influx of refugees into Europe and the implementation of a European resettlement program is a challenge for the European Union, but also for Portugal, which has proven to be very receptive to a high number of refugees, and to this end the Commission A national quota of 1642 refugees.
In view of the lack of a historic tradition of welcoming refugees and the lack of state structures to do so, the Portuguese resettlement program is largely based on civil society, which has been mobilized for this purpose independently of the political decision.
In this way, the reception of refugees relocated to Portugal was developed by a group of organizations characterized by institutional diversity and objectives and by geographic dispersion.
In order to understand how this process is taking place, in particular the role and practices of the host institutions, we are carrying out the research project "Integration of refugees in Portugal: the role and practices of the host institutions".
In this context, and in the first phase, interviews were conducted with representatives of public entities and private institutions with intervention in the reception process, with the aim of enabling us to make a first approximation to the object of study and to understand the main axes of the social phenomenon in analyze. In a second phase, an online questionnaire was applied to the institutions involved in order to understand their motivations, how the reception process took place and what balance they make of it. This text presents a preliminary synthesis of the main data collected.
Keywords: Refugees, Reception, Institutions, Portugal.

Prof. Bárbara Bäckström - graduated in Sociology, Master in Historical and Social Demography and PhD in International Health. She is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Social Sciences and Management of the Open University, where she teaches since 2000 in the area of Sociology, Social Sciences, Intercultural Relations, Sociology of Health and Demography. She is an integrated researcher at the Center for Studies on Migration and Intercultural Relations (CEMRI). He is also a contributing member of Cics.Nova.

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