Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology

pl. Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej 4
20-031 Lublin
tel. 81 537 54 79

The Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology was created in 1990 as a result of transforming the UMCS Inter-University Institute of Philosophy and Sociology (established in 1975). Its structure comprises two institutes: the Institute Philosophy and the Institute of Sociology.

Studies conducted at the Institute of Philosophy focus on the problem of rationality in philosophy and science, ethical values in contemporary philosophy, metaphysical tradition in modern and contemporary philosophy, the concept of mind in Eastern philosophy, relationships between mysticism and philosophy, social philosophy and philosophy of education, philosophy and anthropology of culture, communication and politics, psychophysical problems, the problem of aesthetics and art versus dilemmas of contemporary culture and language, logic, information, philosophy of science, cognitivistics, and artificial intelligence.

Students and doctoral students at the Institute are active in many scientific clubs such as the Scientific Club of Aestheticians, Cognitivist Club, Scientific Club for the Investigation of Religion, European Studies Club or the Dancing Philosophers’ Club.

The Institute of Sociology conducts research in the following areas: the modernization of social life structures (micro-, meso-, and macro-social) in various aspects; the effects of contemporary socio-economic transformations; diagnoses of social, educational and health-promoting activities; health condition and the quality of life of the Poles; the clash of cultures and identity in Central-Eastern Europe, socio-economic diagnosis of the Eastern Poland regions, methodological challenges of contemporary sociology, and migration.

The Institute of Sociology students are highly active in scientific clubs (e.g. the Scientific Club of Sociology Students, Student Scientific Club of Sociologists of Economy and Organization).

As part of their voluntary work and student apprenticeships, the Faculty’s students are trained for specific professions and acquire relevant experience in selected public institutions (e.g. commune offices, town councils, provincial marshal offices, Revenue Office, or job centers), agencies (inter alia personal counseling agencies, and advertising, training, and insurance agencies), in foundations and associations (Foundation for the Development of Lublin Region, Lublin Foundation for Development, Happy Childhood Foundation, Fuga Mundi Foundation, Janów Association for Assistance HUMANUS), in cultural institutions (Center for Culture in Lublin, the Brama Grodzka [Grodzka Gate] Center – Theater NN, Center for International Creative Initiatives “Rozdroża’ [Crossroads]) and in all kinds of enterprises.

The Faculty cooperates, as part of its research work, with various public institutions, e.g. Regional Social Policy Center in Lublin, Lublin Province Marshal Office, many university centers at home and abroad, the Polish Academy of Sciences Institute of Philosophy, and with foreign institutions supporting the development of science e.g. European Cooperation in Science and Technology in Brussels..

From September 2013 through 2015, in partnership with the University of Bergen, the Faculty is conducting the project Polish Female Migrants and Their Families – A Study of Care Deficit, financed from Norwegian funds under the Polish-Norwegian Research Cooperation programme. Its main objective is to investigate care deficit for children and the elderly, consequent upon women migration.

Young scholars employed at the Faculty can spend research internships at leading research centers at home and abroad. They can conduct their own research projects owing to financial support for their research work.

The University's partner is Startquestion - an online survey software perfect for conducting education research, polls, tests, and marketing surveys. Thanks to our cooperation, students can use the survey tool for free to create surveys and conduct research for their diploma theses.

The Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology edits the journal “Annales Universitatis Mariae Curie-Skłodowska Sectio I Philosophia-Sociologia”, and publishes the Internet periodicals “Kultura i Wartości” (kulturaiwartosci.umcs.lublin.pl), “Konteksty społeczne” (kontekstyspoleczne.umcs.lublin.pl), and the cognitivist magazine of students and doctoral students “Via Mentis” (viamentis.umcs.lublin.pl). The Faculty has the bibliographical Internet database of publications by its academics: WFIS-BASE (wfis.umcs.lublin.pl/base).