Propozycje projektów w ramach programu Horyzont 2020

Biuro ds. Współpracy Międzynarodowej zaprasza do zapoznania się z wybranymi ofertami partnerstw w aplikowaniu o środki z programu Horyzont 2020.

Treść ofert w języku angielskim.

1. EUROSTARS – Road safety barriers from polymer hybrid composite material.

An SME from Latvia is preparing a project proposal for the EUROSTARS programme (submission deadline 18.02.2016). The project objective will be to develop technology for the production of road safety barriers from a polymer hybrid composite material. The company is searching for partners from R&D institutions and industry. The eventual roles of partners in the project - testing the mechanical properties of road barriers, joint R&D, testing/certification, implementation of the technology.

2. Technology for drying of Calcium-Magnesium-Nitrate to anhydrous form

A Macedonian SME, producer of mineral fertilizers, is looking for efficient technology for drying Calcium-Magnesium-Nitrate solution. The technology should enable obtaining of Calcium-Magnesium-Nitrate in anhydrous form and should be fully developed or at the laboratory stage but ready for implementation. The company is interested in technical cooperation (joint further development), joint venture, as well as other types of cooperation.

3. Developing the next generation technologies of renewable electricity and heating / cooling - development of a river turbine

A UK-based SME, a UK University and a Spanish company are looking to submit a proposal to the LCE-07-2016-2017 call topic in Horizon 2020 to develop a novel, environmentally friendly river turbine technology that is reliable and easy to maintain for use in remote and resource-limited settings. They are looking for partners to develop and design the prototype waterwheel and generator and a partner specialising in the installation of wireless telecommunications systems.

4. Web platform for health monitoring and telemedicine systems

Italian Company produces medical devices to monitor, record and process the bio-electrical signals of the human heart. The company is looking for partners (companies, inventors, Universities or R&D institutions) that are able to develop/provide a web platform for health monitoring and telemedicine systems to expand the range of company's products and/or new applications of medical devices in the area of telemedicine and health monitoring.

5. Development of outdoor Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lighting system with dye-sensitized solar cell and energy harvest system

A Korean SME specializing in LED is preparing an international joint R&D proposal under the EUREKA programme. The project is about developing a LED lighting system for outdoors and a factory with dye-sensitized solar cell and energy harvest system. The company is looking for a partner who can design an energy harvest system and apply it to LED lighting system. The EUREKA proposal is planning to be submitted by the first quarter of 2016.

6. UK SME seeks in vitro oral mucosa and upper airway model for development program

A UK-based SME operating in the healthcare sector is looking for an in vitro model that accurately replicates the oral cavity and upper airway, especially the oral mucosa and the associated oral secretions. The SME seeks to use this model in their product development programme. The SME envisages the partnership to be with either an industrial or an academic partner and to take the form of a commercial agreement for the partner to provide the model with technical assistance.

7. Request for biodiesel production technology using high FFA (free fatty acid) especially on pre-treatment and post-treatment process

A Korean SME is looking for a biodiesel production technology using high FFA(free fatty acid) UCO(used cooking oil) especially pretreatment (transesterification) and post-treatment (separation, washing, refining, etc). The sought partner should have references in manufacturing and installing a corrosion resistance module. They have only completed reaction process using catalyst. They are looking for a partner available for licensing agreement and research cooperation agreement.

8. Low voltage actuators using ionic-polymer-metal-composite (IPMC) or polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) or haptic technologies

A Romanian company is going to prototype a medical device, which should include a matrix of low voltage actuators, capable to be activated with a Transistor–Transistor Logic Voltage (TTL-Voltage) (0-5 V). Partner must be familiar with IPMC/PVDF/haptic low voltage actuators. It may be company, R&D entity or university. Specific area of activity of the partner: production of low voltage actuators. Task to be performed by the partner sought: providing the company with a sample of the product described above.

9. Turbo expander for natural gas pipes in order to transform detention energy of natural gas into electricity

The Romanian company, designing and implementing solutions in automation and electrical engineering, is seeking a manufacturer of a skid based solution to transform kinetic energy into electricity when pressure of natural gas is reduced. A partner for technical cooperation agreement is sought.


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