X-th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE - Ion Implantation and Other Applications of Ions and Electrons, Kazimierz Dolny, Poland June 23-26, 2014

You are cordially invited to participate in the X-th International Conference “Ion Implantation and Other Applications of Ions and Electrons”, ION 2014. The conference will be held in Kazimierz Dolny, Poland, from June 23 to June 26, 2014.


 Ion Implantation and Other Applications of Ions and Electrons

 Kazimierz Dolny, Poland

June 23-26, 2014

 organized by

Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, Lublin

Lublin University of Technology

and Wrocław University of Technology


Dariusz Mączka - honorary chairman

Jerzy Żuk - chairman, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University,Lublin

Paweł Żukowski, Lublin University of Technology

Jerzy Zdanowski, Wrocław University of Technology

You are cordially invited to participate in the X-th International Conference “Ion Implantation and Other Applications of Ions and Electrons”, ION 2014. The conference will be held in Kazimierz Dolny, Poland, from June 23 to June 26, 2014.

The idea of ION Conferences has been stimulated by the permanent success and steady increasing interest in ion implantation techniques, which have emerged from fundamental research in ion and plasma physics and established themselves as standard methods for material modification and characterization.

The following topics should represent the focus of the ION 2014:

  • formation and modification of subsurface layers using ion, electron and plasma electron technologies,
  • ion beam micro- and nano-engineering,
  • plasma – based and ion beam – assisted deposition method,
  • research methods with application of ions and electrons,
  • fundamentals of ion beam interactions with solids.

The range of materials includes metals, semiconductors, insulators, polymers, etc.

Young Scientists Contest

During the ION 2014 Conference a special Young Scientists Session will be organized. Prizes will be awarded for the best 15 minutes oral and poster presentations. The Contest aims at Ph.D. students and scientists with not more than 6 years after their Ph.D. defence. The jury will be appointed by the Scientific Committee of the ION 2014 Conference.

In order to participate in the Young Scientists Contest, a candidate is asked to submit a short CV together with an abstract not later than April 15, 2014. The candidate should be a first author of the presentation.


In addition to the invited lectures, contributions for 15 minutes oral presentation will be selected from the submitted abstracts. Remaining contributions will be presented in poster sessions. The Proceedings of the Conference, containing reviewed papers will be published in a refereed journal.

ION 2014  SITE

The ION 2014 Conference will be held at the “Dom Dziennikarza” hotel in Kazimierz Dolny (http://www.domdziennikarza.com), a beautiful and historical little town on the Vistula river, 120 km from Warsaw. The hotel is situated within a walking distance from the town’s center. Full board, including breakfasts, lunches and evening meals will be served at the hotel restaurant.

ION 2014  FEE

The fee is 2150 PLN (550 EUR), single room accomodation, and 1950 PLN (500 EUR) for double rooms.

Student rate is 1650 PLN (425 EUR), single room accomodation, and 1450 PLN (375 EUR) for double rooms.

Accompanying persons rate is 1200 PLN (325 EUR).

Payments must be free of bank charges to the organizers. After June 1, 2014 the fees will be 10% higher.

Unfortunately, it will be not possible to make the payment at the Conference site.

The ION 2014 fee covers board and lodging, a book of abstracts, coffee breaks and the extensive social programme consisting of a conference party, a barbecue and excursion.

We would like to ask everybody wishing to attend the ION 2014 to complete the attached registration card and return it to the Conference Secretariat not later than March 15, 2014.

The official language of the Conference is English.

Conference Secretariat

Mr. Janusz Filiks

Institute of Physics

Maria Curie-Skłodowska University

Pl. M. Curie-Skłodowskiej 1


Phone: +48 81 5376154 or +48 81 5376208

fax: +48 81 5376191

e-mail: ion@hektor.umcs.lublin.pl

Web: http://www.ion.umcs.lublin.pl/



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