Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science

ul. Radziszewskiego 10
20-031 Lublin, Poland
tel.  (+48) 81 537 52 12

The Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science was established in 1989 as a result of transformation of the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry into two separate faculties. It consists of three institutes: the Institute of Mathematics, the Institute of Physics, and the Institute of Computer Science.

The Faculty trains specialists whose theoretical and applied knowledge acquired there ensures their very good position on the labor market. Its academic staff are engaged in intensive academic work under individual research grants, including highly prestigious Team and Pomost schemes, and as part of statutory research. The Faculty also cooperates with many centers at home and abroad, inter alia in Italy, USA, France, Germany, Israel, Finland, Ukraine, Russia, and Spain. The particular institutes of the Faculty organize a range of conferences and workshops on different subjects, the most popular being regular international conferences: Ion Implantation and Other Applications of Ions and Electrons (ION), Maria and Pierre Curie Nuclear Physics Workshops, Infinite Particle Systems, Computer Aspects of Numerical Algorithms (CANA), Information Science – Studies and Applications (IBIZA Conference), and Cryptography and Security Systems.

Together with the Lublin Branch of Polish Mathematical Society and the Student Mathematicians Club “Akademia Platońska [Plato’s Academy]” the Institute of Mathematics has organized the “School-Contest Winners Scientific Club” for high-school students; it organizes the National Symposium of Young Mathematicians (for primary and junior high-school students), Mathematical Skirmishes (for high-school students), High-School Finals Workshops and lectures popularizing mathematics in the Lublin region schools. The Institute, jointly with Wrocław Technical University, organizes the semifinal preliminaries of the International France Championship in Mathematical and Logical Games for contestants from Lublin and its vicinity.

For more than fifty years, in cooperation with the Lublin Branch of Polish Physics Society, the Institute of Physics has held annual Physics Shows for high-school teachers and students, which are attended by about 20 thousand people. The Institute building houses the interactive Museum of Physics in its corridors. The enormous cognitive and teaching value of the exhibition was appreciated by the committee of the national competition “Science for Industry”. Moreover, the UMCS Institute of Physics offers a range of open forms of presentation and promotion of science, inter alia the “A Year before High-School Finals” competition, open lectures “Spring with Astrophysics”, classes for high-school students “Starred A in Physics”, lectures with demonstrations -“Encounters with Physics”. Students and doctoral students associated in the Physics Students Scientific Club participate in scientific research and science popularization, and organize national student scientific conferences.

The Institute of Computer Science started contacts with IT firms (Infinite, Simpe, eLeader), which resulted in regular seminars for our students and classes conducted by IT sector specialists. In cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński Provincial Hospital, and St. John of Dukla Oncology Center in Lublin, projects are underway concerning medical imaging (processing of medical images). Studies are conducted on autism and on the comparatively less identified cognitive functions of the human brain such as agnosia and synesthesia, using the EEG equipment. The Institute also carries out studies on network and IT systems security, robotics, and computer graphics. (in cooperation with the UMCS Faculty of Arts).

The Student Scientific Club for Information Science is also very active. It is engaged in the organization of meetings of computer science students with their future employers. Apart from regular meetings, students associated in the UMCS.NET group, which focuses on Microsoft technologies, organize events at the Faculty that attract students from all over Lublin, e.g. Kinect Party. Furthermore, Poland’s first network academy Enterasys is in the process of being created.

The Faculty’s Regional Lublin Net Academy CISCO conducts courses in computer networks, their software and monitoring. The Faculty also participates in the Microsoft MSDN Academic Alliance programme, which covers licenses for Microsoft software for the Faculty’s students and teachers.

In 2009–2013, the teaching and research infrastructure of the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science was largely modernized owing to the EU funds.