Department of Social and Economic Geography


mgr Krzysztof Łoboda 
Al. Kraśnicka 2D, 20-718 Lublin, room 102B  
tel. + 48 81-537-68-20, fax. +48 81-537-68-62

Research topics

  1. Social, economic and political processes in the European space with a particular focus on border areas
  2. Compensatory dimension of international migration
  3. Asymmetry of economic development of cross-border areas
  4. Spatial transformations of cross-border passenger rail services and changes in the function of the borders and the social and economic situation of Poland
  5. Delimitation of areas at risk of transport exclusion in Poland
  6. The role of granting city rights in the development of settlement units. New towns in the Polish settlement network after 1989.
  7. Conditions for sustainable development of selected communes of the Lublin region located within the boundaries of landscape parks in the light of the concept of ecosystem services.
  8. The influence of dark sky parks on the social and economic development of the region
  9. Tourism economy of Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey in the face of the Arab Spring and fundamentalist activities
  10. Transformation of geography education
  11. Social education for and through tourism
  12. Value of natural and cultural heritage in local development
  13. Conditions for development of various forms of tourism in selected areas
  14. Research in social polar sciences

Head of the Department

dr hab. Wojciech Janicki, prof. UMCS