Department of Cartography and Geomatics


mgr Marta Jóźwik 
Al. Kraśnicka 2D, 20-718 Lublin, room 3A
tel. +48 81-537-68-50, fax. +48 81-537-68-62

Research topics

  1. Spatial analysis and geostatistics
  2. Cartographic Generalization
  3. Historical geography, historical cartography and historical GIS (HGIS)
  4. Information and use of tourist maps
  5. Methodology of cartographic presentation
  6. 2D, 3D and 4D cartographic modeling and visualisation
  7. Information uncertainty in cartographic modelling
  8. Online publication of spatial data (webGIS)
  9. Editing maps and atlases
  10. Standardisation of geographical names
  11. Environmental remote-sensing
  12. Use of geoinformatic tools in humanities

Head of the Department

dr hab. Beata Konopska, prof. UMCS