Information for outgoing students

Information about Erasmus+ programme:

ERASMUS+ PROGRAMME MEETING (in Polish with English presentation) 16TH OF MARCH 2023, 16.30 (Thursday), class 301 D.  

To apply for Erasmus+ programme you have to:

  • have your GPA from previous years/semester > 3.7 for studies exchange and 3.6 for practice exchange
  • submit required documentation by mail to Faculty coordinator: dr Sylwester Wereski (,  until 30th March 2023 until 12.00
  • gain reqiured number of points during qualifications 31th March 2023 (Friday) at 13.00 301D.


  • GEOGRAPHY (Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey)

  • TOURISM AND RECREATION, TOURISM MANAGEMENT (Spain, Germany, Portugal, Hungary, Turkey)

  • GEOINFORMATICS (Czech Republic)

  • SPATIAL MANAGEMENT (Germany, Portugal)

Full offer for studies and practices (in Polish).

Rules of exchanges: studies:,14158.htm and,14157.htm - practices:,14160.htm and,14161.htm