Faculty of Law and Administration

pl. Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej 5
20-031 Lublin
tel. (+48) 81 537 51 26

The Faculty of Law and Administration opened in 1949. It consists of four Institutes: Administration and Public Law, History and Theory of State and Law, Civil Law, and Criminal Law, and three independent inter-faculty units: Division (Chair) of Civil Procedure and International Trade Law, Division (Chair) of European Union Law, and the Legal Computer Science Laboratory.

The Faculty’s main research areas cover all domains of law and related disciplines, and a wide array of problems pertaining to administration and internal security, which has a positive effect on the quality of teaching. The studies prepared at the Faculty are closely connected with the realities and needs of Poland’s socioeconomic and political life. As a result of transformations of the socio-economic and government system consequent upon the country’s entry into the European Union in 2004, the Faculty of Law and Administration conducts research which often fills the gap in Polish scientific literature. Moreover, because these research results are published in foreign journals, the Faculty’s research achievements are also well-known abroad and well fitted into the European research trend. The obtained achievements are of essential significance for legislation and political and legal life in this country. All the prepared publications are addressed to a wide range of recipients: government and local government officials, social activists and politicians, those employed in banking, revenue offices, courts, and in prosecutor’s offices, to members of parliament, senators, and other interested parties. They also serve as study aids for students studying for tests and examinations and in writing their graduation theses.

The Faculty also publishes academic journals. The “Studia Iuridica Lublinensia” quarterly has appeared since 2003. The journal is not only a forum for the exchange of legal scholarship but also a chronicle of the Faculty’s scholarly events. The articles submitted for publication in the “Studia Iuridica Lublinensia” are reviewed by external reviewers. The papers also contain summaries in foreign languages. Legal studies are also published as part of the ‘Ius ‘section of the University’s yearly “Annales UMCS”. The Law Students’ Scientific Club (steadily operating since1959) has published “Studenckie Zeszyty Naukowe” since 1998. It was the first journal in Poland published and edited by law students themselves.

The Faculty houses the University Students’ Legal Counseling Service, whose work is closely connected with the programme of law and administration studies. The main purpose of the Legal Counseling Service is to educate students by providing free legal aid to low-income clients, which is supervised in scientific and professional terms by the Faculty’s academic teachers who specialize in civil law, administrative law, labor law, criminal law, and in financial law.

Students can broaden their knowledge and improve their mastery of foreign languages by active participation in Schools of Foreign Law: British, Ukrainian, Czech, Belarusian, Lithuanian, German, French, and American. The Faculty has also started a module of classes aimed to prepare students for examinations for legal apprenticeship.