Programme Description

Hospitality – Travel – Tourism Industry

Tourism Management is a study programme which prepares students to work in the dynamic tourism industry in sectors like hospitality, travel and tourism. The course will give you the knowledge and understanding how tourism businesses operate, how tourists behave and what impact tourism has on countries, cultures and the environment. It also helps to develop a wide range of skills that can be applied to a variety of managerial and entrepreneurial roles in the expanding tourism industry. The programme particularly emphasizes the cultural and political aspects of tourism, its special models in different societies and its impact on the regional and global economy. It also prepares students to plan a wide range of tourism activities and manage tourist products considering existing circumstances and conditions.

Our programme consist of 2 kinds of modules: compulsory modules and elective modules. Compulsory modules provide the fundamental knowledge and skills while elective modules allow to deepen the understanding of particular tourist-related phenomena and to develop personal interests and professional skills. To gain some more practical experience, students participate in workshops and tourist events.

Key issues and competences:

  • Tour operating
  • Hotel management
  • Hotel marketing
  • Country and Regional marketing
  • Geo tourism & Eco- tourism

All the programme takes 6 semesters (180 credits). To complete the programme, students must write an individual or group thesis, which relates to their interests and chosen career path.

The obligatory part of the programme includes following modules: 

  • Information technology in tourism
  • Abiotic resources in tourism
  • Biotic resources in tourism 
  • Society and culture 
  • Cultural tourism 
  • Client and customers service 
  • Ethics and Law in Tourism
  • Financial management and accounting
  • Business environment in tourism
  • Polish language
  • Foreign language for the travel and tourism industry 
  • Reservation systems
  • Entrepreneurship and small business management 
  • Global and local challenges in tourism
  • Tourist services and facilities
  • Tourism and hospitality management 
  • Tourist product – analysis and projects 
  • Tourism marketing
  • Public diplomacy and intercultural dialog

The elective part consists of elements such as:

  • Nature and tourism
  • Culture and tourism
  • Management in tourism
  • Infrastructure and tourism
  • Leisure activities
  • Active tourism
  • Theoretical aspects of tourism
  • Research methods in tourism and recreation
  • Professional development for the workplace