UMCS Branch Campus in Puławy

The UMCS Branch in Puławy was founded on the initiative of UMCS President Professor Stanisław Michałowski and the Board of Directors of the Grupa Azoty Zakłady Azotowe [Nitrogen Plant] “PUŁAWY” S.A.

The latest UMCS Branch (Faculty) was established on 21 June 2013 under the cooperation agreement which provides, among others, for the organization and conduct of study programs in engineering in Technical Chemistry in Puławy and postgraduate study programs for the ZA [Nitrogen Plant] ”Puławy” employees, as well as training and internships for UMCS students. The agreement also stipulates research cooperation and commercialization of research results, and the establishment of the Nitrogen Elite Centre Puławy to promote the use of the Nitrogen Plant Puławy products. The plans to establish the UMCS Branch in Puławy were widely accepted by the local community, both by the City and District authorities and representatives of many institutions.

The UMCS Branch in Puławy offers the following Bachelor’s degree courses: Technical Chemistry, Public Administration, and Public Relations/Media Consultancy. Postgraduate programs are also offered. The leading study program is Technical Chemistry – a four-year, practice-oriented Bachelor’s degree program in engineering. Technical Chemistry is a unique study program developed by UMCS together with the employees of the Puławy Nitrogen Plant and the New Chemical Syntheses Institute in Puławy, which responds to the labor market demands for specialists in this field. The program provides for many training stays, among others in the Puławy Nitrogen Plan, at the New Chemical Syntheses Institute, the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation – State Research Institute, and at the Institute of Agriculture (Apiculture Division in Puławy). Technical Chemistry graduates can find employment in chemical and biotechnological industries, in production establishments, in laboratories and at diagnostic, controlling, and research centers, as well as in institutions that implement new technologies.

The UMCS Branch in Puławy was established on the basis of the Puławy Academy (Puławska Szkoła Wyższa) and is located at the Collegium Novum building. Students can use sixteen rooms with modern equipment. The largest one – the lecture theater – can seat up to 230 people, and two smaller ones - 120 people each. The UMCS Branch has eleven classrooms. Classes for over 800 students can be held in the facility at the same time.

The Dean of the UMCS Branch in Puławy is Dr Hab. Grzegorz Smyk, Associate Professor, and Vice Dean – Professor Dr Hab. Zbigniew Hubicki.