Department of Cell Biology


prof. dr hab. Mariusz Gagoś

Akademicka 19, 20-033 Lublin
room 43B, tel. +48 81 537 59 04



Staff members

prof. dr hab. Mariusz Gagoś
dr hab. Ewa Szczuka, prof. UMCS    
dr hab. Krystyna Winiarczyk, prof. UMCS      
dr hab. Ewa Janik-Zabrotowicz  
dr hab. Dorota Tchórzewska prof. UMCS
dr Adrianna Sławińska-Brych  
dr Marcin Domaciuk 
dr Joanna Strubińska
dr inż. Agnieszka Dróżdż 
dr Kinga Lewtak 

dr Mirosława Bednarczyk
dr Jacek Pietrusiewicz
mgr Dominika Kubera

Doctoral students

mgr Magdalena Chęć
mgr Katarzyna Mitura
mgr Magdalena Śmigała


The Department of Cell Biology was established in 2019 when the Department of Cell Biology and the Department of Plant Anatomy and Cytology merged.

The Department of Cell Biology established in 1944 was originally named the Chair of General Zoology and Evolutionism. It was organised and headed by UMCS Rector prof. Henryk Raabe. The Chair changed its name three times into the Department of General and Experimental Zoology in the 1950s, Department of Embryology in 1970, and Department of Cell Biology in 1975. It was headed by doc. dr Robert Towarnicki (1950-52), doc. dr Edward Wilkus (1953-57), dr Włodzimierz Juszczyk (1958-59), doc. dr Wanda Stojałowska (1960-61), prof. dr hab. Mirosław Chicewicz (1962-72), prof. dr hab. Michał Górski (1972-75), prof. dr hab. Renata Śnieżko (1992-2011), and prof. dr hab. Mariusz Gagoś (2011-2019).

The Department of Plant Anatomy and Cytology (initially the Chair of Plant Anatomy and Cytology) was set up after division of the Department of General Botany. It was headed by prof. Władysław Wiśniewski, prof. Józef Motyka, doc. dr hab. Maria Olszewska, and dr Franciszek Kadej. In 1969, prof. dr hab. Bohdan Rodkiewicz was appointed the new Head and held the function until 1993, when he was succeeded by prof. dr hab. Józef Bednara. Between October 1, 2012 and October 1, 2019, the Department was headed by dr hab. Ewa Szczuka prof. UMCS. On October 1, 2019, prof. dr hab. Mariusz Gagoś became the first Head of the Department of Cell Biology.

Current research topics

  • Spectroscopic and structural studies of the molecular organisation of biologically active compounds in biological model systems;
  • Antitumour and antifungal activity of natural and synthetic compounds in in vitro studies;
  • Studies on the impact of fake wax foundation on the development of preimaginal stages in the honeybee;
  • Search for effective methods for analysis and purification of beeswax;
  • Application of infrared microspectroscopy for chemical mapping at the cellular and tissue levels;
  • Studies of the tissue and cell structure of agriculturally and evolutionarily important  plants in terms of reproduction and micropropagation;
  • Application of in vitro methods for breaking deep seed dormancy in plants with disturbed germination;
  • Studies of mechanisms underlying sexual reproduction disorders in wild plants and industrially important species;
  • Comparative analyses of the biology, structure, and reproduction of Deschampsia species growing in various latitudes vs. climate change;
  • Analyses of the biological activity of plant extracts from species originating from their natural habitat and in vitro tissue cultures;
  • Establishment of the conditions for somatic embryogenesis in the Pennsylvanian mallow;
  • Relationships of pollen protein coating with compatible and incompatible pollination;
  • Localisation of arabinogalactan proteins in generative organs of vascular plants

Research projects

  1. OPUS 4 (NCN) (2013-2017) „Badania aktywności biologicznej antybiotyku amfoterycyny B kompleksowanego jonami miedzi (II) oraz modyfikowanego oksydacyjnie na układach modelowych błon lipidowych oraz in vitro” [Studies on the biological activity of the amphotericin B antibiotic complexed with copper(II) ions and modified oxidatively in model lipid membrane systems and in vitro]. Head of the project: prof. dr hab. Mariusz Gagoś
  2. Synchrotron beam HASYLAB Hamburg (Germany) research project I-20120039 EC: “Molecular organisation of amphotericin B in lipid monolayers with cholesterol and ergosterol”, Duration: May 10-17, 2013 (7 days). Head of the project: prof. dr hab. Mariusz Gagoś

Patent applications

  1. Patent application no. P.429877 (Urząd Patentowy Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej); 2019. „Tester wosków” [Tester of waxes]. Inventors: Pietrow M., Gagoś M., Wawryszczuk J.,.
  2. Patent application no.: P.429878 (Urząd Patentowy Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej); 2019. „Analizator wosków” [Analyser of waxes]. Inventors: Pietrow M., Gagoś M., Wawryszczuk J.,.
  3. Patent application no. P.429878 (Urząd Patentowy Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej); 2019. „Przyrząd do analizy wosków”[Device for analysis of waxes]. Inventors: Pietrow M., Gagoś M., Wawryszczuk J.,.
  4. Patent application no. P.427017 (Urząd Patentowy Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej); 2018. „Sposób obróbki soku owocowego” [Method for fruit juice processing]. Inventors: Pawłat J., Starek A., Chudzik B.,.
  5. Patent application no. P.427018. (Urząd Patentowy Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej); 2018. „Sposób obróbki soku owocowego” [Method for fruit juice processing]. Inventors: Pawłat J., Starek A., Chudzik B., Kwiatkowski M., Terebun P.,.
  6. Patent application no. P. 427019. (Urząd Patentowy Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej); 2018. „Sposób obróbki soku owocowego” [Method for fruit juice processing]. Inventors: Pawłat J., Starek A., Chudzik B., Kwiatkowski M., Terebun P., Sagan A., Andrejko D., Kopacki M.,.
  7. Patent application no. P. 427020. (Urząd Patentowy Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej); 2018. „Sposób obróbki soku warzywnego” [Method for vegetable juice processing]. Inventors: Pawłat J., Starek A., Chudzik B., Kwiatkowski M., Terebun P.,.
  8. Patent application no. P. 427021. (Urząd Patentowy Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej); 2018. „Sposób obróbki soku warzywnego” [Method for vegetable juice processing]. Inventors: Pawłat J., Starek A., Chudzik B., Kwiatkowski M., Terebun P., Sagan A., Andrejko D., Kopacki M.,.
  9. Patent application no. P. 427022. (Urząd Patentowy Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej); 2018. „Sposób obróbki soku warzywnego” [Method for vegetable juice processing]. Inventors: Pawłat J., Starek A., Chudzik B.,.
  10. Patent application no. P. 421946. (Urząd Patentowy Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej); 2017. „Kompozycja do zwalczania infekcji grzybiczych”. [Composition of a formulation for treatment of fungal infections]. Inventors: Gagoś M., Chudzik B., Niewiadomy A., Matwijczuk A., Czernel G., Karpińska M

Research cooperation

The Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology cooperates with the following units of Lublin universities: UMCS (Chair of Biophysics, Botanical Garden), University of Life Sciences (Chair of Biophysics, Department of Apiculture, Department of Parasitology and Invasive Diseases), Medical University (Department of Parasitology and Invasive Diseases, Chair and Department of Medical Microbiology, I Clinic of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Therapy), Catholic University of Lublin (Chair of Environmental Protection and Landscape Preservation, Chair of Plant Physiology and Biotechnology). We also cooperate with the following national research centres: University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn (Chair of Plant Physiology, Genetics, and Biotechnology), Institute of Plant Genetics, Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznań, Medical University of Silesia in Katowice (Chair of Molecular Biology).

The Department of Cell Biology cooperates with the following foreign research institutions: Laboratory for Cell Biology, Wageningen University and Research Centre, Wageningen, the Netherlands, Robert H. Smith Institute of Plant Science and Genetics in Agriculture, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Rehovot (Israel), Department of Ornamental Horticulture, Volcani Center Bet Dagan (Israel), the Botanical Garden of Daniel Halicki Lviv National Medical University (Ukraine), and McMaster University, Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine, Hamilton, Canada.

Major publications

  • Wu A., E. Grela, K. Wójtowicz, N. Filipczak, Y. Hamon, R Luchowski, W. Grudziński, O. Raducka-Jaszul, M. Gagoś, A. Szczepaniak, G. Chimini, W.I. Gruszecki, T. Trombik. ABCA1 transporter reduces amphotericin B cytotoxicity in mammalian cells. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 76(24), pp. 4979-4994
  • Chudzik B., Bonio, K., Dąbrowski, W., Pietrzak, D., Niewiadomy, A., Olender, A. Malodobry, K., Gagoś, M. Synergistic antifungal interactions of amphotericin B with 4-(5-methyl-1,3,4-thiadiazole-2-yl) benzene-1,3-diol. 2019. Scientific Reports 9(1) 12945
  • Starek A., Pawłat J., Chudzik B., Kwiatkowski M.,Terebun P., Sagan A., Andrejko D. Effect of cold atmospheric pressure plasma generated in a GlidArc reactor on different quality parameters of tomato juice, 2019. Scientific Reports. 9(1),8407.
  • Sławińska-Brych A., B. Zdzisińska, A. Czerwonka, M. Mizerska-Kowalska, M. Dmoszyńska-Graniczkac, A. Stepulak, M. Gagoś. Xanthohumol exhibits anti-myeloma activity in vitro through inhibition of cell proliferation, induction of apoptosis via the ERK and JNK-dependent mechanism, and suppression of sIL-6R and VEGF production. 2019. BBA – General Subjects 1863. 129408
  • Żurek A, Mizerska-Kowalska M, Sławińska-Brych A, Kaławaj K, Bojarska-Junak A, Kandefer-Szerszeń M, Zdzisińska B. Alpha ketoglutarate exerts a pro-osteogenic effect in osteoblast cell lines through activation of JNK and mTOR/S6K1/S6 signaling pathways. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 2019, Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology, 374, pp. 53-64
  • Mizerska-Kowalska M., Sławińska-Brych A., Kaławaj K., Żurek A., Pawińska A., Rzeski W., Zdzisińska B. Betulin promotes differentiation of human osteoblasts in vitro and exerts an osteoinductive effect on the hFOB 1.19 cell line through activation of JNK, ERK1/2, and mTOR kinases. Molecules 2019, Molecules 24(14),2637
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