Laboratory of Bioinformatics and Biostatistics


dr Małgorzata Pac-Sosińska
room 67B, phone number 81 537 59 21

inż. Emilia Łabuć
room 67B, phone number 81 537 59 21

The Laboratory of Bioinformatics and Biostatistics deals with broad-sense scientific activity focused on data analysis, biostatistical analysis, data visualisation, and development of software required for scientific research.

  • Research and analysis of biological data using IT tools, methods of analysis, and statistical modelling of data
  • Catalogue records of biological information and search for data in computer databases
  • Design of databases 
  • Development and implementation of tools for effective management of access to various types of information
  • Visualisation of data with various graphical and analytical tools
  • Development of computational methods for investigations of the structure and evolution of macromolecules, interactions between these molecules, and mechanisms of genetic information transfer  
  • Records and analysis of biological information collected during genomic and proteomic experiments and research
  • Computer modelling for prediction of the behaviour of biological systems and individual molecules in specific conditions