1. Enzymatic and non-enzymatic transformation of plant biomass (Anna Pawlik)

2. Adaptation of wood-decaying fungi to changing environmental conditions and the use of these processes in biotechnology (Grzegorz Janusz)

3. Industrial biocatalysis based on the use of fungal and bacterial bioprocesses (Jolanta Polak, Marcin Grąz, Anna Jarosz-Wilkołazka)

  • Textile dyes with antimicrobial activity synthesised by fungal laccase
  • Immobilised fungal laccase as a versatile catalyst in the transformation of aromatic compounds
  • Enzymatic synthesis of antimicrobial and antioxidant compounds in binary transformation systems

4. Development and validation of technology for the production of glass with biocidal properties dedicated to architectural and greenhouse applications (Jolanta Jaroszuk-Ściseł)

5. Bacterial and algal polymer substances used for water treatment

6. Fungal cellobiose dehydrogenase - an active ingredient in packaging systems (Justyna Sulej)

7. Enzymatic synthesis of aldobonic acids in the context of their biotechnological applications (Justyna Sulej, Monika Osińska-Jaroszuk)

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