Bees and other pollinators

1. Improvement of the welfare of bees and other pollinators

  • Nosemosis - effects of the disease on immune system parameters in different aged worker bees in natural (apiary) and artificial (laboratory) conditions (Aneta Ptaszyńska, Magdalena Kunat)
  • Phenomenon of honeybees; investigations of their microbiome and immunity (Aneta Ptaszyńska)
  • Effect of dietary supplementation with selected elements on honeybee development (Aneta Ptaszyńska)
  • Biological activity and mechanisms of action of porphyrinoid compounds against intracellular bee pathogens of the genus Nosema (Mariusz Trytek)

2. Effect of extracts of ant nest carton on nosemosis control (Aneta Ptaszyńska, Bernard Staniec, Magdalena Kunat-Budzyńska, Grzegorz Wagner, Anna Matuszewska, Magdalena Jaszek, Dawid Stefaniuk)

3. Adulteration of beeswax - wax testing laboratory (Mariusz Gagoś)

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