Sustainable agriculture

1. Genes and metabolites in biological nitrogen fixation

  • Effect of the application of bradyrhizobial Nod factors on the synthesis of quinolizidine alkaloids in different lupine cultivars (Dominika Kidaj)
  • Horizontal transfer of symbiotic genes between Bradyrhizobium and Rhizobium (Michał Kalita)
  • Study of the genetic and functional diversity of red clover (Trifolium pratense) microsymbionts from two climatic zones: subpolar and temperate focused on identification of strains with potential use in agriculture (Monika Janczarek)

2. Preparations and biopreparations supporting plant and animal growth and ensuring protection against pathogens and environmental stress

  • Natural plant growth stimulants - treatment with Nod factors and biofertilisers based on these factors (Jerzy Wielbo)
  • Methylobacterium oryzae as a biostimulant of plant growth - research on the model Arabidopsis halizna (Katarzyna Zamłyńska)
  • Investigations of the psychrotrophic and phosphate-dissolving properties of Mortierella fungi with importance for soil colonisation and plant growth stimulation in the temperature range typical for a temperate climate (Ewa Ozimek)
  • Strategy for providing and evaluating cheap, effective, and safe feed energy raw materials for animal production based on domestic resources with particular emphasis on modern rye cultivars (Piotr Dobrowolski)

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