Internship Program

International Relations MA Program at UMCS requires students to undergo the  3 weeks long (120 working hours) Internships. Usually Internships take place in summer between 1st year and 2nd year. The evaluation of the internship is  n winter semester of the 2nd year. Students in Independent Study Program or in other special circumstances can apply to the Internship Program Advisor and to the Deputy Dean for Student Affairs  for rescheduling the internship. 

Internships  need to meet the following criteria:

  1. Work of an intern should be in broadly understood field of  international relations (political, diplomatic, econimic, cultutral, social and civic) and/or provide the student with exposure to international environment ; the internship should create for an intern a possibility to learn competencies required in the international workplace. 
  2. Activities of an intern during the Internship should be  consistent with his/her Study Program and (if possible) with the specialization  (e.g. International Relations/Economic Diplomacy).
  3. Interns should be involved in  creative, complex and problem-solving activities rather then perform simple and immitative tasks.
  4. Please note that in some cases prevous internships, voluntary service, employment, etc. can be considered as a regular internship if criteria 1-3 have been met (after the consultation with the Internsip Program Advisor and the  final approval by Deputy Dean for Student Affairs). 

Internship Program requires students to: 

  1. Participate in the Orientation and a workshop on Internship Program (provided at the begining of  the 1st year students)
  2. Actively look for a placement and apply for the Internship.
  3. Consult your choice of Internship with the Internship Program Advisor 
  4. Complete 120 hours of work  (usually during summer between 1st and 2nd year of M.A.Program)
  5. Provide all the  documentation in relation to the Internship. 

Sample of previous internship placements of International Relations students:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland
  • Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Poland
  • Government agencies engaged in international relations (Instytut A.Mickiewicza,  border services)
  • Local  and regional governments' international divisions  ( Lublin City Office, Lviv City Office) 
  • Embassies, consulates and other foreign missions (i.e. Poland Embassies in Athens, Canberra, and Prague)
  • International organisactions (e.g. United Nations (Geneva), OSCE (Vienna), ODiHR   (Warsaw), Council of Europe
  • EU Institutions (e.g.European Commission Representation in Poland)
  • Members of European Parliament Offices
  • Non-governmental organisations, transnational or involved in transnational programs (e.g. Helsinki Fundation, WWF) 
  • Cultural  organisations and agencies involved in international or transnational activities  (e.g. CSK in Lublin)
  • International development programs and agencies (UNDP)
  • International projects and program (cross-border projects , EU Erasmus + programme offices)
  • Bussiness organizations and corporations (transnational as well as local with international  interests)
  • Organizational committees of international conferences, congresses, festivals and other international events
  • Education institutions (higher, secondary, life-long) running international activities or programs