Recruitment procedure

Each student applying for an exchange to do partial studies abroad within Erasmus+ Programme is required to read the Rules of Implementation and Financing of Student Mobility for Studies (SMS) found here -> ( > Student > Programy wymiany studenckiej > ERASMUS > Informacje o programie > Wyjazdy na studia częściowe) (available in Polish).

Programme participants do not pay tuition fees at the host institution but cover the costs of travel, local means of transport, food, accommodation, insurance, textbooks and other expenses while studying abroad (more information available in Polish: )

Students who should qualify for the exchange will receive individual support from the European Commission, which helps finance the student's costs of living abroad but is only a financial support in the amount of 450, 550 euros per month abroad depending on the host country.

Outgoing students who are entitled to receive the grant for low-income students according to the rules applicable at UMCS will receive individual support from the budget of the PO WER Programme in the amounts announced in April 2019.

Disabled students can apply through the Erasmus Mobility Office at UMCS for additional grants for disability under the rules of the Erasmus+ and PO WER programmes. In such a case, all financing will also be covered by the  PO WER Programme in in PLN.

Conditions for the candidates:

1. Applicants must be officially registered students at UMCS regardless of their nationality.

2. During the period of study abroad, students may not be on the dean's leave or any other leave.

3. Candidates should have a minimum average mark of 4.0 for the entire period of study at the current cycle of study.

First-year students of MA and PhD cycles of studies submit information on the average mark from the previous cycle.

4. Candidates must possess an advanced command of the language of the study at the host university.

5. Candidates must meet other formal criteria described in the abovementioned Rules of Implementation and Financing of Student Mobility for Studies and on the website: (available in Polish). In accordance with the principles of the Erasmus+ Programme, students are entitled to participate in the exchange starting from the second year of the BA cycle. Students who have already benefited from LLP/Erasmus exchange can still participate in the Erasmus+ programme (see item 4 of the abovementioned Rules).

Recruitment rules:

Recruitment will take place on the basis of a set of documents submitted by the candidates to the Faculty Admissions Committee and an interview.

The set of documents should include:

1. a cover letter – addressed to Faculty Erasmus+ Qualification Commission – which includes the name of the university where the candidate would like to study (first choice and/or second choice), the planned period of studies, a list of courses the student would like to take from the host institution's curriculum (and, if applicable, information about the possession of a grant for low-income students at UMCS in the current semester).

2. certificate with an average mark for the entire period of study at the current cycle of studies issued by the Dean's Office (first-year students of MA and PhD cycles submit information on the average mark from the previous cycle)

3. certificate of language proficiency from a recognized certification centre (eg. Cambridge, Goethe Inst., UMCS Foreign Languages Teaching and Certification Centre). The certificate is not required for students of foreign philology. Knowledge of the appropriate foreign language of students who do not submit such a certificate will be assessed on the basis of the interview in a foreign language.

The final decision to accept the candidate for the study rests with the host university abroad to which the student is qualified by UMCS.

Please, send the scans of the required documents: a cover letter, certificate with the average grade mark, GDPR confirmation (see below), and, optionally, the language certificate at

If you need the certificate with the average grade mark from our faculty student office, please write an e-mail with the inquiry to the relevant person in the student office.

Please, download also the document attached to the last page of the announcement called RODO (GDPR confirmation), sign it (in two spaces provided) with the same date as in your cover letter, and attach its scanned version to the e-mail with the rest of the documents.

Deadline for submitting documents is Friday March 31 (no later than 12.00 o'clock).

The Erasmus+ qualification interviews will take place in room A.4.32 on Monday April 3 since 12.00.

Having any questions, please write to the faculty coordinators: and

The appeal procedure:

The student has the right to appeal against the decision of the Admissions Committee within 7 days from the announcement of the results of qualification. Applications should be addressed to the Dean of the Faculty.

Information about foreign universities, application procedures and the curriculum should be looked up on the websites of these universities.

When qualified for the Erasmus+ exchange, students should report immediately to the Office of Erasmus UMCS in Grześ dormitory, ul. Langiewicza 24, room 27, phone: 815 375 410.

Compulsory document: