Faculty of Political Science and Journalism, UMCS
Głęboka 45, 20-612 Lublin, Poland


dr hab. Wojciech Ziętara, UMCS Professor,  

Deputy Dean for Student Affairs

dr hab. Małgorzata Adamik-Szysiak

Dean's Assistant 

mgr inż. Maria Czajka

Dean's Office and Secretariat

mgr Jolanta Pastwa  

mgr Anna Sternik


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Coordinators for international candidates and students

dr Ewelina Panas(+4881) 537 60 56 , mobile (+48) 516 665 219

dr Julita Rybczynska  (students in International Relations BA Program, II Year)

mobile (+48)502361353 ,


  * due to the relocation of the Faculty to the New Building office and telephone numbers will be announced later, please use email contacts until then



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