Study Schedules


  International Relations M.A., I Year

W2List of Students and Group Division 

International Relations M.A., II Year

Economic Diplomacy W1 | List of Students and Group Division
International Institutions W2 | List of Students and Group Division




s. (sala) = r. (room)

CA 1, KW 1 = class/seminar for specific group (group no. 1)


Schedules might be changed. New versions of the schedule will have W with the subsequent numbers (W1, W2 etc)

Syllabi  of  the cources  can be found in USOS system.  

Courses (as desribed in the study schedules)

  • WY - Lecture (wykład)
  • CA - Class  with students participation (ćwiczenia)
  • LB - Laboratory (laboratorium) 
  • KW - Seminar, discussion group (konwersatorium) 
  • PF -  Elective course (przedmiot fakultatywny)

Rooms, Locations

  • Rooms no. A.1..., A.2..., A.3..., A.4... - Political Science and Journalism Bldg, Głęboka 45