MA in International Relations (in English)

To meet growing demand for specialists and experts in international relations Political Science Faculty of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University offers  2 years long full time Master's Program in International Relations. 


International Relations Master's Program at UMCS is taught entirely in English and is designed for both Polish and foreign students who wish to explore various aspects of contemporary international and global relations.    

Program offers interdisciplinary studies for people interested in contemporary global affairs.  It is a program for those who wish to combine  academic and practical knowledge with personal development for a successful and interesting future career. Nowadays, globalization and integration phenomena require anyone participating in politics as well as in business, cultural and social life to be familiar with international environment. 

The demand for experts in the field translates into excellent prospects for future careers for the program’s graduates. Careers in diplomacy, transnational corporations, international organizations, international development programs are among numerous possibilities for Program’s graduates.

Degree: Master of Arts (M.A. in International Relations)

Duration: 2 years (4 semesters)

Language: English 

PROGRAM (Curriculum)  


International Relations Theory

International Law and Organisations

World Politics since 1945

International Relations Terminology

Intercultural Communication

International Security

Global Political Economy

Transnational Social Space

International Human Rights

Foreign Policy Forecasts WORKSHOP

Policy Analysis WORKSHOP


Elective  Courses 1-5

Foreign Language

University Lecture

During the Program each student needs to take 5 Elective Courses.  Students who take 4 elective cources in one area of studies can obstain additionally Certificate in Environment Studies  or Certificate in International Development Studies. 

Certificate in International Development Studies

1. Global Population Studies

2. Transnational Civil Society

3. Social Policies in Global Context

4. Developmen Aid Project Management - Workshop

Certificate in  Environment Studies

1. International System of Environmental Protection

2. Sustainable Development

3. Polar  Regions in International Relations

4. Sustainable Development Project Management

Other Elective Cources  - examples

1. Great Powers Interventions in International Relations

2. Strategic Culture of the US

3. Globalisation and Regionalism in International Relations

4. Politics, Economy and Society in Western Hemisphere


Students in the Program will choose ONE SPECIALISATION . Decisions a made at the begining of 2nd semester. Only specialisations with minimum enrolment of 15 students  will be offered. 


Diplomatic and Consular Law

Entrepreneurship and Management

International Economic Organizations

Negotiations and Settlement of Economic Disputes

Foreign Economic Policy and Promotion – PROJECT

Analysis of Economic Situation


Introduction to International Place Branding

Instruments of International Place Branding

Public Diplomacy

Place Potential and Identity

Nation Branding – PROJECT

International Branding of Cities and Regions – PROJECT


Law of International Organizations

United Nations System

EU Law and Politics   - CASE STUDY

International Regional Organizations

International Administration WORKSHOPS


History of Central and Eastern Europe

Political Systems on Central and Eastern Europe BN

Economy of Central and Eastern Europe

Culture and Society in Central and Eastern Europe BN

Security Challenges in Central and Eastern Europe BN

International Relations in Central and Eastern Europe BN 


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INTERNSHIP (minimum 4 weeks)

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OUTREACH PROGRAM and independent student projects (optional)

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