BA Diploma Exam


International Relations BA Program

(English Language Sub-Program) 

  1. Subject scope of the firld of international relations
  2. Meanings of the category "state"
  3. Main demographic problems of the modern world
  4. The essence of decision analysis and its categories
  5. The specificity of international relations
  6. Inter-paradigm debates in the science of international relations
  7. The concept of "international organization"
  8. Decision-making procedures in international organizations
  9. Main problems and limitations of the reform of the United Nations
  10. The concept of the political system
  11. The concept and classification of political movements  
  12. The essence and scope of globalization processes
  13. The concept of international order
  14. Theories and concepts of European integration
  15. Characteristic features of religious fundamentalism
  16. "Soft power" in the state's foreign policy
  17. Economic instruments of the state's foreign policy
  18. Sources of public international law
  19. Competences of state organs in international relations
  20. Western Europe and Eastern Europe in Poland's foreign policy after 1989
  21. Determinants of regaining independence by Poland in 1918
  22. Basic principles of precedence
  23. Constitutional principles of democratic states
  24. The concept and essence of international law
  25. Specific features of the late-Westphalian international order
  26. Institutional system of the European Union
  27. International organizations of political parties
  28. The main research methods of the science  international relations
  29. Transnational processes in international relations
  30. State functions in the economy

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