Study Regulations

Study Regulations (Regulamin Studiów) is an internal legal document establishing uniform standards for studying for all UMCS students. Study Regulations  determine organisation of  teaching process, evaluation procedures, students rights and obligations. The current Study Regulations was  enacted by the Resolution No. XXIV-26.5/19 of the Senate of UMCS of 24 April 2019. Full text of the Study Regulations here


§ 5 Students shall have the right to: 

1) acquire knowledge and skills, and take advantage of the teaching rooms, facilities and resources of the University for this purpose;

2) be instructed on the students’ rights and obligations;

3) associate in scientific circles and participate in scientific, development and implementation research works carried out at the University;

4) participate in extra-curriculum courses offered by other fields of study;

5) develop their cultural, tourist and sports interests, and take advantage of the teaching rooms, facilities and resources of the University for this purpose;

6) receive financial assistance according to the rules stipulated in the Law and separate regulations on awarding financial assistance, binding at the University;

7) receive health benefits stipulated in separate regulations;

8) establish student organizations and associations in accordance with the applicable regulations;

9) conduct self-government and social activities;

10) apply for a student loan according to rules stipulated in separate regulations;

11) participate, through their representatives, in the decision making process of the University’s collective bodies;

12) make proposals regarding plans of study, programmes of study, course of study and matters pertaining to the education process as well as living-and-housing conditions to the University authorities,

13) equal access to full participation in the education process and scientific research, considering the degree and nature of their disability. Students with disabilities take advantage of special solutions stipulated in the Regulations, whose application may not result in a reduction of the learning outcomes adopted to be achieved;

14) get an excuse for absences in educational activities held during the meetings of the University collective bodies of which the student is a member.