Study Regulations

Study Regulations (Regulamin Studiów) is an internal legal document establishing uniform standards for studying for all UMCS students. Study Regulations  determine organisation of  teaching process, evaluation procedures, students rights and obligations. The current Study Regulations was  enacted by the UMCS Senat Resolution (Resolution Resolution No. XXIII-25.3/15 in April, 2015.

Art. 1 The Study Regulation at the Maria Curie -Skłodowska University (....) referred to as the “Regulations”, shall apply to students of full-time and part-time programmes, conducted as long cycle programmes (jednolite studia magisterskie) or the first cycle and second cycle programmes, as well as to individuals studying at the Maria Curie - Skłodowska University ((....) within student exchange programmes. (....)

Full text of the Study Regulations here

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