Studying International Relations at UMCS

Why International Relations @ UMCS?

UMCS has a long-standing tradition and substantial experience in teaching international relations. The University has one of the oldest in Poland and highly evaluated undergraduate and graduate Program in International Relations which opened in 1991 as an autonomous studies program after many years of coexisting within Political Science Program.

MA Program in International Relations offers unique curriculum which includes not only core courses in modern international relations but also explores many social, political, economic and cultural aspects of international affairs and offers specializations adjusted to students' needs and interests.Specialization International Relations in Central and Eastern Europe focuses on the region which has witnessed profound socio-economic changes and is rapidly gaining importance in modern global relations. Specialization Economic Diplomacy is for students who are interested in international economic relations and plan careers in international business or global economy.  Specialization International Place Branding prepares students for careers in international marketing of cities, regions and countries. 

BA Program in International Relations offers multidimensional study of contemporary global system.  It is designed for students interested in various aspects of international and transnational relations including politics, society, security, environment and culture. Curriculum includes courses on global, regional and national level of international relations. Course work in the BA Program includes core curriculum as well as elective courses which are chosen by students according to their individual interests and preferences. Program also includes such as important possibilities professional workshops, foreign languages courses, diploma seminars  where students have possibility to acquire analytical and practical competencies and skills important in their future professional work (incl. public speaking, academic writing, professional presentations, debating and discussions) The BA Program includes 3 specializations:  1) Global Economy and Business, 2) Regional Studies – Central – East Europe, 3), Regional Studies – Asia and Pacific which allow students to specialize in a chosen area and  prepare for careers in specific sectors of international relations.  

Why Lublin?

Lublin is an exceptional city to study international relations with the focus on Central and Eastern Europe as it played an important role in the history of  the region. The city has 700-year-long history of being at crossroads of cultures and religions of Europe. It is here that in 1569 Polish-Lithuanian Union was signed. The Union which had durable cultural impact that laid ideological foundations for today's European Union.Lublin is the city of rich cultural and social capital which provides excellent studying and research environment as well as significantly contributes to knowledge-based economy in the region. It is well known for its great academic traditions. With more then 80 thousand of students the city provides stimulating atmosphere for studying. The Faculty of Political Science enjoys the greatest number of foreign students of all faculties of Maria Curie-Sklodowska University and naturally creates an experience of multi-cultural communityVibrant and interesting city, growing and developing Lublin is nowadays easily accessible by public transportation  (air, train, bus) and  by car. At the same time Lublin is a comparatively affordable place to live, offering various accommodation in town and university housing on the campus, as well as places of culture, sports, recreation and tourism in the region’s unique natural resources. 

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