Master's Seminars

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Seminar Descriptions - Main Topics



  Prof. dr David Jervis  



political violence-, war/peace issues, terrorism, Syria, genocides, US foreign policy; US domestic politics, great power interventions, e.g., US/Soviets in Afghanistan, colonialism and resistance



 Dr hab. Michał Łuszczuk


 international relations, foreign policies, international security,  political geography, modern diplomacy - preferably in or  related to the polar regions



 Dr hab. Katarzyna  Marzęda



food security, global governance, development studies,  international political economy



 Prof. dr hab. zw.  Konrad Zieliński



contemporary history, national and ethnic minorities,  migrations, Jewish and Israeli issues




 Dr hab. Agata Ziętek


international relations with the focus on international cultural  relations, relations in the region of Asia and Pacific,  security  in the region of Asia and Pacific,  the international role of  People’s Republic of China, international security in the  context of cultural security 



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