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PROF. MAREK PIETRAŚ, Director of International Relations Department, Faculty of Political Science, UMCS, In the academic year 2015/2016, in order to meet not only the expectations of students, but also the needs of the labour market, we have launched a new English language course – International Relations. The course will give particular emphasis to the importance of international relations for the people of central and eastern Europe. This MA course is intended for ambitious students, and we believe that the study of international relations is an investment that is destined to pay off in the future.




Dr. Katarzyna Radzik Maruszak Assistant Professor in the Department of Local Government and Politics, Political Sciences Faculty  

Dr Radzik-Maruszak holds degrees in Political Science and Law from Maria Curie-Skłodowska University. Her research interests include: comparative local governance, local political leadership, local representative and participative democracy. She is the author of one major book (Samorząd terytorialny w Wielkiej Brytanii w latach 1979-2010. Od Nowego Zarządzania Publicznego do Lokalnego Współzarządzania, UMCS Lublin 2012, pp. 295) and number of articles and book chapters.


 MICHAŁ WALLNER , Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Systems, Faculty of Political Sciences


Michał Wallner is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Systems. He received a PhD in Political Science and a MA in International Relations from the Maria Curie Skłodowska University. His doctoral dissertation, "The Separation of Powers in the Irish System of Government", won the Polish Political Science Association's award for the best dissertation in Political Science of 2014. He is the editor-in-chief of the journal "Law and Politics". His research interests include constitutional law and comparative politics.


Dr Bartosz Bojarczyk

Dr Grzegorz Gil

Dr  Alicja Gontarek   

 Dr Wojciech Konaszczuk 

Dr Dariusz Kondrakiewicz 

Dr Michał Łuszczuk  

Dr hab. Katarzyna Marzęda-Młynarska  

Dr Katarzyna Mojska 

Dr. Anna Moraczewska  

Dr. Jakub Olchowski

Dr Konrad. Pawłowski  

Dr. Katarzyna Radzik 

 Dr. Julita Rybczyńska

 Dr Monika Szkarłat  

Dr  Damian Szacawa 

Prof. dr hab. Konrad Zieliński  

Dr hab. Agata Ziętek