General Information

PROGRAM  The Program prepares doctoral candidates for the multi-dimensional research on contemporary political phenomena with the special focus on interdependence of global, international, national and local levels of political process. Program is designed to prepare graduates for research and teaching in academic institutions as well as research and expert work in public policy institutions. 


DEGREE   PhD in Political Science 

FORMAT   Stationary full time

PROFILE   Academic

FACULTY   Political Science Faculty, UMCS in Lublin

TIME   4 years (8 semesters)

TUITION COSTS  (for students enrolled on a fee-paying basis) Tuition fee - 3000 EUR per year,  Admission fee -  200 EUR, Doctoral procedure fee - min. 2000 EUR; more information  

PLACES AVAILABLE There is 10 places available in 2017.  The Program will start if 5 or more candidates qualify. UMCS Rector can decide  (following Dean’s motion) to start the program even when there is a smaller number of successful candidates

GENERAL INFORMATION about the Doctoral Porgram in Political Science can also found at the UMCS APPLICANT page