How to find an interesting Internship?

  1. Start earlydo not wait until the last moment; start looking for the internship at the beginning of the winter semester; some receiving institutions expect 6 months or longer application process, plus the earlier you start the bigger choice. 
  2. Set prioritiesdecide where and in what field you want your internship; for international students it is important to combine it with traveling home etc.; also look around because good internships might be around the corner, not necessarily in far-away locations! 
  3. Get all the infodo your research, attend the Orientation (usually in October), take a workshop on internship search, talk to older students, seek advice from faculty, consult the Internship Program Advisor, talk to you family and friends, use internship hubs on line etc.).
  4. Figure out financial side explore possibilities if you want paid internship (Erasmus+ summer placements, additional grants); if you can afford it consider not paid but interesting placements. 
  5. Set goals for your internship - decide what outcomes you expect, what do you want to learn etc.; if you want the internship to be an introduction to your planned career look for opportunities in that particular field, internships sometimes evolve into employment. If you set other goals (travel, meeting people, trying new activities) you should include them in your search for the placement.   
  6. Prepare good CV and cover letter  - attend a workshop during the Orientation or train yourself on line how to prepare successful resume; if you need recommendations choose the possible reference persons and ask them ahead. 
  7. Plan ahead - make sure you have time and resources to do the internship; some internship start earlier and overlap with classes/exam, in that case you will need to negotiate early exam time or reschedule; make sure you have all the required visas and permits etc.  
  8. Apply for many internships; expect only some or even none of the receiving institutions to respond; prepare for an emergency solutions, you will probbaly be able to find some summer job in you University International Office etc.