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Seminar Descriptions - Main Topics



 Prof. dr hab. zw. 

Marek Pietraś



 International relations with particular emphasis on the theory   of international relations, international security, international   institutions and global international order, ecological  problems, globalization processes, international relations in Central and Eastern Europe.



Dr hab. Katarzyna Marzęda-Młynarska 





Global governance, international management, food security, foreign policy, migration processes, international political economy; globalization.



 Prof. dr  Konrad Pawłowski 

(not offered in 2021)  

Political and economic international relations, political history of South-East Europe, the role and significance of the Balkans in international relations, domestic and international disputes and conflicts in Southeast Europe, peace process in the former Yugoslavia, the foreign policy of the Balkan states and the evolution of international relations in Southeast Europe, international public law, diplomatic and consular law and practice, peace process and post-conflict reconstrution



Prof. Konrad Zieliński



Recent history of international relations, national and ethnic minorities, migration movements, Jewish, Israeli and Middle Eastern issues