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Dr hab. Katarzyna Marzęda-Młynarska, prof. UMCS non-military security threats, food security, globalization processes, transnational corporations, Polish foreign policy
Dr Anna Moraczewska The program of the seminar (undergraduate, graduate) is related to problems that correspond to the interests and research topics that lie within the discipline of international relations and include international economic relations, international security, border security management, risk management, risk analysis, international financial markets, global political economy and the concept of sustainable development, as well as studies of the Baltic Sea region. Methods used in the seminar include discussion, analysis, brainstorming, and individual presentation of research problems selected by Students.
Dr hab. Konrad Pawłowski international political relations, international public law, diplomatic and consular law, South-East European studies, peace and conflict studie
Prof. dr hab. Marek Pietraś international relations and especially the theory of international relations, international security, international institutions and global international order, ecological problems, globalization processes, international relations in Central and Eastern Europe
Prof. dr hab. Konrad Zieliński
recent history, national and ethnic minorities, migration movements, Jewish and Israeli issues, historical policy, museology