Registration for Elective Courses and Open Lectures

ELECTIVE COURSES Students in IR(BA) and IR(MA) programs should register for the Elective Courses this semester. Elective courses are indicated PF in the study schedules; number of required electives is indicated in the column Uwagi/Comments of the schedules (last column to the right). UNIVERSITY LECTURES are obligatory for every UMCS student during her/his studies. If a university lecture is required for students in a given program and the year it is noted in the Study Schedule for that year.Number of lectures are offered in English.


Organizational classes in Elective Cources are held on September 3 - September 7, 2022 (first week of the semester). Students are encouraged to attend the organisational  classes to choose the courses according to their individual preferences and interests.

Registration for Elective Courses (PF) will take place on 8-9.10.2022 (details will be announced soon, please follow the Faculty's website). On line registratiuons is done via the USOSweb website. To register  go to the USOSweb (click here)  or select 'USOSweb' on the main page of the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism of UMCS (below the News section).


Registration for University Lectures will start on September 26th,  2022  at 8.00 (details here) and close on  October 10th, 2022 at 23.59

If University Lecture is obligatory for students in a given program - it is indicated in the programs schedules.  Students in the 1 year of International Relations MA porgram  and students in the 3rd year of International  Relations BA program need to register for the letures in the Winter Semester 2022/23.  

 Registration list (make sure to filter only lectures available in English)
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    26 September 2022