MIRAI Invitation Program to Japan extended to UMCS students

MIRAI Invitation Program for University Students is a short-term (10 days) youth exchange program, sponsored and launched by the Government of Japan, which offers a great opportunity for academic and cultural exchange to 150 graduate students from major universities in Europe and Central Asia studying in the areas of Politics, Security Policies, Economics, International Relations, Asian studies, Japan studies and other related fields. In 2017 Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs extended invitation to UMCS students. MA and PhD Programs students will be given preference in the application process. .

MIRAI means “future” in Japanese. The MIRAI program, supported by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is an initiative to promote mutual-understanding, enhance Intellectual discussions and build strong relations and academic exchange among future leaders of Japan and the world. Through this program, you will take part in a wonderful 10 days in Japan, learning more about the economics, politics and culture of Japan through exchange with Japanese students in Tokyo, visiting renown Japanese companies, getting familiar with Japanese innovations and experiencing local life with a Japanese host family.  

For more info and to apply, please contact Prof. Agata Ziętek, UMCS Political Science Faculty before July 15th, 2017. 



    Date of addition
    21 June 2017