Dr Andrea Pei-shan KAO teaching course on "USA-China Relations"

Dr Andrea Pei-shan Kao ( Central Police University, Taiwan, ROC) teaches a graduate course on "USA-China relations: the Past, Present and Future " within International Relations MA Program this semester.

Andrea, Pei-Shan KAO  holds a doctorate in Philosophy in Government form University of Essex, United Kingdom. She is an Associate Professor at the Department of Border Police, Central Police University, Republic of China, Taiwan. Her other current afiliations include International Master Program in Strategic Studies at the Graduate School of Strategic Studies, National Defense University and Graduate School of Public Affairs, Ming Chuan University.

Dr Kao is also active in the media, working as a Presenter of Cross-Strait Window, Fu-Shin Radio Station in Taiwan. Her past profesional experiences inlude teaching and administrative positions  at  National Chiao Tung University (Taiwan, ROC) 

 Her recent books  and book contributions include: 

Kao Pei-Shan, “Rethinking the Development of US-China Relations” in GlobalPerspectives on US Foreign Policy (USA: Palgrave Macmillan, October 2013), pp.45-59. 高佩珊,《美中強權博弈》,新竹:交通大學出版社,2012年6月。

Kao Pei-Shan, “Cross-Strait Relations under Ma’s Administration” in China' QuietRise: Peace Through Integration (USA: Lexington- Rowman and Littlefield, May2011), pp. 125-138.

Kao Pei-Shan, “A Complex Interdependence: China-U.S. Relations”, in China-U.S.
Relations: Analytical Approaches and Contemporary Issues (USA: Lexington-
Rowman and Littlefield, May 2010), pp. 98-114.

Kao Pei-Shan, "Taiwan’s Political Situation and Strategic Position in the World"; in
La Nueva Nao De Formosa A America Latina-Intercambios Culturales, Económicos y
Políticos entre Vecinos Distantes (Taipei: Tamkang University, November 2008), pp.

She is also an author of many articles in academic journals, published conference papers as well as teaching materials. 


    Date of addition
    20 January 2018