Prof. dr hab. Edward Olszewski 1942-2016

The Dean and UMCS Political Science Faculty Council announce with great sorrow that Prof. dr hab. Edward Olszewski, renowned political scientist and historian, honored academic teacher, wonderful individual, UMCS Professor Emeritus and former Head of Political Movements Department passed away on November 4, 2016.

Prof. dr hab.  Edward Olszewski was born on March 6, 1942 in Olszewica (Radzymin Podlaski region). He graduated from UMCS Humanities Faculty. In 1972 he received doctoral degree followed by Habilitation in 1979 and Academic Profesorship in 1994. 

Since 1967 Prof. Edward Olszewski was afiliated with UMCS political science community, working in Political Sciences Center (1967-1975), Interacademic Institute of Political Sciences (1975-1991); Political Science Institute (1991-1993) and at the UMCS Political Science Faculty since its establishement in 1993. In 1999 he was awarded full profesorship at UMCS. Prof. Olszewski served as Vice Director  and in 1982-1990  as Director of Interacademic Institute of Political Sciences. In 1993-1996 he served as  a Deputy Dean of the Faculty. Since 1972 until his retirement in 2012 he was a  Head of Political Movements Department at the UMCS Political Sciecne Faculty. Between 1982 and 1990 he was a memebr of the UMCS Senat. Prof. Edward Olszewski was highly respected for managing Interacademic Institute of Political Sciences in difficult years of the 1980ties; his succesfull attempts to maintain broad academic profile of the Institute and resisiting presusres to expell on political grounds 7 members of the faculty after intruduction of Martial Law in 1981. 

His  research focused on modern history of Poland with the special focus on Lublin Rgeion in XX century, Polish migrations, Polish diaspora in Scandinavia and on contemporary social and political movements. 

He received four  Academic Excellence Awards (First degree) of Science and Higher Education Minister, including Individual Award for his book "Poles in Norway 1940-2010". HE was awarded with int. al. Order of Polonia restituta (Knight's Cross), Medal of the National Education Commission, Gold Cross of Merit, Irena and Franciszek Skowyra Academic Award for his book "Poles in Scandinavia" , „Polonia Semper Fidelis” Honor Medal for his input into Polish biographic writing.  Honored member of Political Science Committee in Polish Academy of Sciences, Vice-President of Lublin Chapter of Polish Political Science Society (PTNP), member of Lublin Chapter of Polish Community (Wspólnota Polska) Association, member of Polonia Club in Lublin and Vice President of  Włodawa Region Friends Society.

Highly evaluated and dedicated academic teacher,  tirelessly commited to development of  political science field in Poland, adviser in more the 400 masters theses and 14 doctoral theses, reviewer in numerous profesorship and habilitation procedures, organizer of many national and international conference he enjoyed high esteem and popularity among academic community.  

In memory of students and faculty at UMCS Political Science Faculty Prof. dr hab. Edward Olszewski will remain as honored Professor, excellent Teacher, friendly and helpfull Colleague


Memorial service will be held in the UMCS Political Science Building (PL. Litewski 3) on November 14, 2016, 11.00 a.m.

Funeral will be held at Roman Catholic Chapel at Lipowa Cementary in Lublin, on November 14, 2016 on 1.00 p.m. (13.00)





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