ORIENTATION -1st year students in IR(BA and IR(MA) Programs

All the 1st year students in International Relations BA and MA Program are invited to participate in the ORIENTATION meetings at the Political Science Faculty UMCS. 2022 Orientation for the 1st year students in IR(BA) and IR(MA) programs will be held as a series of events and activities during the first and second week of October 2022 (both in the Faculty building Głęboka 45 and on-line). All the events will be announced on this page so please check for the news.

ORIENTATION for IR(MA) 1st year - Monday, Oct 3, 2022, 15:00 (Room A.2.12, Faculty building at Głęboka 45) 

ORIENTATION for IR(BA) 1st year - Monday, Oct 3, 2022, 18:00 (Room A.2.12, Faculty building at Głęboka 45) 

Dr. Julita Rybczyńska, senior lecturer  and coordinator for international students at Political Science and Journalism Faculty (UMCS) will  meet with the groups and talk about  

Studying IR at UMCS – how to get the most out of it? 

 Main topics: Organisation of  Political Science and Journalism Faculty * Dean's Office  *  Organization of Studies and  Academic Calendar * Study Regulations * Teaching process  and evaluation procedures   Students rights and obligations * Study programs and studying strategies* Support team*

There will also be  a Q&A  Session and occassion to talk informaly about your specific problems or questions. 


If you will not be able to join the meetings on October 3rd, do not worry! There will be another meeting scheduled in mid-October. Also some on line consultation will be offered (dates to be announced) 




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    26 September 2022