Lecture by Dr. MARIA LAURA TAGINA, Universidad Nacional de San Martin, Argentina (UNSAM)

Lecture "Public opinion and electoral behaviour in Argentina. Voting from abroad of Latin American emigrants" by Dr. MARIA LAURA TAGINA, faculty member at UNSAM (Universidad Nacional de San Martin, Argentina) and University of Salamanca (Spain) will take place at 15.00 in Political Science Faculty, UMCS, Pl. Litewski 3, Room 115, in English.

DR. MARIA LAURA TAGINA  – politoical scientist, lecturer at UNSAM (Universidad Nacional de San Martin, Argentina) and University of Salamanca (Spain); member of the Reviewers Board of  „Anuario Latinoamericano”.  Her research interests focus on  electoral behaviour in Latin American countries, especially in Argentina.  She is an aouthor  of academic articles published in renowned academic periodicala.  Editor of several mongrafic volumes:  América Latina: política y elecciones del Bicentenario, 2009-2010 (2011), Elecciones y política en América Latina, 2009-2011 (2013), Elecciones y cambio de élites en América Latina, 2014-2015 (2016).

Lecture will be an inauguration of the 3rd. Edition of "Academic Encounters with Latin America" which will take place on June 19-21, 2018 at the Political Science Faculty, UMCS, Plac Litewski 3, Room 115. The event is to celebrate the 25th Jubilee of the Faculty and the fifth anniversary of the „Anuario Latinoamericano – Ciencias Políticas y Relaciones Internacionales”, periodical published by the Faculty. Lectures and discussions will be in in Spanish, English and Polish.


    Date of addition
    18 June 2018