International Student & Post-Graduate Scientific Conference FILM/TEXT

Student’s Scientific Group “KinoKultura”, Institute of Slavic Studies, University of Wroclaw invites to participate in the International Student & Post-Graduate Scientific Conference "FILM/TEXT".

The event will take place on 19th-20th of October 2023 in the building of the Institute of Slavic Studies (Wrocław, ul. Pocztowa 9).

The conference aims to encourage young researchers interested in cinematography and film studies to exchange views and learn more about the role of cinema in the world of art and culture.


The organizors suggest that papers would address topics: 


1.      Symbolism in film. Intertextuality. 

2.      Film as a synthesis of arts. 

3.      Film as a media discourse.  

4.      Film adaptations of literary works. 

5.      Linguistic aspects of language in film. 

6.      Analysis of film translation. Creation of subtitles. 

7.      Audio description. 

8.      Film and other media in foreign language teaching.  


At the same time, the organizors encourage interested students and PhD students to send proposals on related topics. 15-minute presentations can be in Polish or English (these are the main languages of the conference, but proposals for presentations in other Slavic languages may be submitted). Please do not hesitate to contact the organizors via e-mail:  

The deadline to submit abstract proposals is the 25th September, 2023
The participation in the conference is free.


Please send your proposal (Word / PDF) via e-mail: or using Google Forms: 



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    29 August 2023