International seminar "Memory Studies and Politics of History: Do They Meet Each Other?"

Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, Institute of Political Sciences And Administration, Laboratory for International Memory Studies cordially invite students and lecturers to international seminar "MEMORY STUDIES AND POLITICS OF HISTORY: DO THEY MEET EACH OTHER?"

When: OCTOBER 21, 2022 / 9.00 – 17.30

Where: Institute of Political Sciences and Administration UMCS, Głęboka 45, Lublin, Room A.4.35


Language of the seminar: Polish and English (the organizers do not provide translation into Polish).

Format: hybrid (stationary at INoPiA UMCS + remote connection) 

Access link on the MS Teams platform for UMCS students and employees 

Access link for persons from outside UMCS (log in via SITE with the meeting ID: 343 378 213 058 and access code: 7g9ybN).


Participants from various areas of expertise, academics, and practitioners will discuss the following:

  • Do policymakers rely on academic research in strategic planning?
  • How are political projects in the field of historical politics planned? Who initiates them?
  • Do academics take part in policy-making? If yes, in what capacity?
  • Who ensures the transfer of academic expertise/knowledge to policy-making institutions?
  • What are the organizational forms, mechanisms, and procedures of this transfer?
  • What is the thin red line between academic impartiality and policy commitment?
  • Are policymakers interested in an objective academic assessment of their policy efforts?
  • Are academics interested in being involved in policy-making?
  • What are the mechanisms for recruiting academic experts to the policy-making process?


Financial support for this event was provided by the National Agency for Scholars Exchange (NAWA) and National Science Center (NCN) under the project “Quest for the Past: Politics of History in the ‘United Europe’ and Around (Actors, Actions, Outcomes, end of the 1980s – 2020s).”



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    18 October 2022

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