Inauguration Concert "Sounds of 700 years old Lublin"

Members of the UMCS academic community are welcome tothe Concert "Sounds of 700 years old Lublin" as a part of 2017/2018 Academic Year Inauguration. Monday , October 23th, 2017 , 18.00, Concert Hall in "Chatka Żaka" UMCS Academic Culture Centre. Free entrance!

"Sounds of 700 years old Lublin" was created by an outstanding Lublin composer and arranger  Tomasz Momot . The show will take us into the world of long history of sounds in Lublin and beyond.  Exceptional soloists Natalii Wilk, Łukasza Jemioły oraz Jana Kondraka will apper on the stage along with  UMCS Academic Choir, Kwartemia Plus string quartet and Tomasz Momot Orchestra. The concert will include music composed especially for the celebrationss of Lublin's 700 Jubilee as well as all time Polish favorites songs and melodies.  


    Date of addition
    18 October 2017