ERASMUS+ Qualification

All students interested in taking part in the Erasmus+ academic exchange program can submit now – please check our offer of partner universities (available here:,12781.htm) and follow the recruitment procedure as described here:,12782.htm).

Deadline for submitting documents is Wednesday March 31, 2021 (no later than 12.00 o'clock) – please send them at

The set of documents should include:

1. a scan of the cover letter – addressed to Faculty Erasmus+ Qualification Commission – which includes the name of the university where the candidate would like to study (first choice and/or second choice), the planned period of studies, a list of courses the student would like to take from the host institution's curriculum (and, if applicable, information about the possession of a grant for low-income students at UMCS in the current semester).

2. certificate with an average mark for the entire period of study at the current cycle of studies issued by the Dean's Office (first-year students of MA and PhD cycles submit information on the average mark from the previous cycle)

3. certificate of language proficiency from a recognized certification centre (eg. Cambridge, Goethe Inst., UMCS Foreign Languages Teaching and Certification Centre). The certificate is not required for students of foreign philology. Knowledge of the appropriate foreign language of students who do not submit such a certificate will be assessed on the basis of the interview in a foreign language.

4. Please, download also this document (GDPR confirmation), sign it (in two spaces provided) with the same date as in your cover letter, and attach its scanned version to the e-mail with the rest of the documents -

The Erasmus+ qualification interviews will by organized on the MS Teams platform Friday 9 April 2021 – technical details will be provided in the next announcement.

All students of our Faculty interested in participating in Erasmus+ students' exchange program are invited to an information meeting on Friday 19 March at 10.00 on MS Teams platform (team: Erasmus+ spotkanie informacyjne - information meeting, team’s access code: a7vpyq4).



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