Dr hab. Radzik-Maruszak gets Award of Minister of Education and Science

We are pleased to announce that Dr hab. Katarzyna Radzik-Maruszak, Department of Public Administration, UMCS Institute of Political Sciences and Administration received the Minister of Education and Science Award in the field of academic research activity. The prize is awarded to the most outstanding scientists in their fields. Dr. Radzik Maruszak was awarded for her monographic volume on the participation in local governance in selected European countries.

Minister's Advisory Team, chaired by Prof. Tomasz Szapiro, appreciated Dr hab. Radzik-Maruszak habilitation monograph Commune Council as a participant in local governance. The example of England, Finland, Poland and Slovenia, published in 2019 by the Scholar Scientific Publisher.

The book presents the results of international research on local representation financed by the National Science Center under the project No. 2013/09 / B / HS5 / 04403 (OPUS), which was managed by Dr Radzik-Maruszak.  The project was  conducted in the cooperation with scientists from Finland (Tampere University) and Slovenia (Faculty of Organization Studies, Novo mesto).

The monograph is based on an extensive multilingual database and on the results of qualitative field research (nearly 80 interviews with experts and local politicians), conducted in each reserached  country. The publication is an original and innovative achievement, which undoubtedly constitutes a significant contribution to the development of social sciences, especially the discipline of politics and administration.

Congratuations to Dr. Katarzyna Radzik-Maruszak for this valuable achevement! 


    Date of addition
    25 February 2021

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