Dean's College's resolution - diploma papers submission

Based on decision of the Senate of UMCS no. XXV - 7.6/21 of 28 April 2021 changing decision no XXIV - 26.5/19 of 24 April 2019 r concerning Study Regulations, §1, pt 13, Dean's College decides:


To approve the change in Study Regulations, after which it is assumed that, during 2020/2021 acedemic year, student is not obliged to submit their diploma thesis on paper before taking a diploma exam. 


Under special circumstances, however, upon Dean's, promoter's or reviewer's request, student may be obliged to submit their thesis on paper before taking a diploma exam. 


Bearing the need for proper collection of documentation on one's studies course in students' personal files in Dean's Office in mind, the rule is implemented to archive each student's diploma thesis by downloading a .pdf file containing said thesis from the Diploma Thesis Archive by Dean's Office employees. 


The resolution shall come into force on the day of its adoption.


    Artur Popławski
    Date of addition
    28 May 2021

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