Meeting with Mr. Abdo El-Haddad (Maaloula, Syria)


Meeting with Mr. Abdo El-Haddad, Syrian political scientist, plenipotentiary of Patriarch Gregory III Laham, the Leader of the Melkite Catholic Church, who serves as a head of Humanitarian Committee of the Patriarchate working on organization of the humanitarian aid to the victims of a complicated military conflict in Syria. Mr. Abdo El-Haddad spoke on the politics of the conflict in Syria and organization of the humanitarian aid for the victims of the military conflict there. Special focus of the meeting was on the situation of Christians in Syria. Mr. El-Hadad explained to us situation in his native town of Maaloula, where Aramaic Christian community lives. Maaloula suffered from the military conflict, having lost lives of its inhabitants as well as part of historical heritage and modern infrastructure. At the moment Malula's communiry is trying to rebuild and recover, partly with help of international community. Discussion followed.