Doctoral Program in Political Science and Public Administration in English

  Doctoral Program in Political Science and Administration  (pdf folder )


The Program offers doctoral studies in the discipline of Political Science and Administration prepares doctoral candidates for multi-dimensional research on contemporary political phenomena with a special focus on the interdependence of global, international, national, and local levels of the political process. The program is designed to prepare graduates for research and teaching in academic institutions as well as research and expert work in public policy institutions and public administration.

The goals of the program are achieved through the course work including obligatory and elective courses as well as students’ independent scientific research concluded with the preparation of the doctoral dissertation and doctoral defense.  The Program is multi-dimensional with particular emphasis on theoretical and methodological competencies which are to prepare doctoral students for independent scientific research as well as on social competencies allowing students to participate in scientific life in Poland and abroad

Throughout the program, students have opportunities to engage in research projects and work within research teams,  to write and publish scientific publications, to participate in conferences and seminars in Poland and abroad as well as in international exchanges and other activities within the global academic community.

 The program is taught entirely in English and is developed for the needs of doctoral students from different regions of the world. Zdjęcie: 217740

SPOTLIGHT Prof. dr. hab. Marek Pietraś, Director of the UMCS Institute of Political Science 

“…My dream was to create a unique doctoral program in English for both foreign as well as Polish students. And so arose the doctoral studies program in political science. It is a study program for people who are ambitious and interested in the world. Our program has unique content. On the one hand, it contains subjects of general knowledge of politics as a dynamic, multidimensional process happening at the national level and the level of the international system. On the other hand, we provide students with practical skills of conducting research, preparing publications,applying for financial resources for research…”


 The educational curriculum of the Program consists of several modules of coursework and the Doctoral Seminar.

Module 1 Core Courses includes courses obligatory for all students of   UMCS Doctoral School of Social Sciences. The group of courses designed to enable doctoral students to acquire skills essential for the research process, for the presentation of research results, for participation in research teams and scientific exchange, and academic teaching. These courses focus mostly on methodological and ethical aspects of social science research as well as provide students with advanced skills necessary for professional careers in academic teaching and research.

  • Statistics for Social Sciences
  • Research Methodology for Social Sciences
  • Research Ethics and Integrity
  • Academic Writing
  • Research Design and Project Management
  • Public Speaking and Presentations in Academic Work
  • Academic Course Development and Teaching
  • Intellectual Property Law

Module 2 Elective Courses offer students the possibility to choose courses according to their individual needs and preferences. The aim of Module 2 is to acquaint doctoral students with the recent achievements in selected areas of political sciences, support students' independent research, and work on scientific publications as well as their participation in scientific and social communities. 

  • Self-study Methods and Techniques
  • Innovation in Teaching Methods
  • Social Relevance of Research
  • Elective Courses in Social Sciences (3 elective courses can be chosen by the doctoral students from different disciplines within Social Sciences; the list of elective courses is offered each academic year by the Board of Doctoral School)

 Module 3 Courses in Political Science consists of obligatory courses in the area of the main discipline. Module 3 provides students with knowledge about the identity of political science as an academic discipline, its main achievements, and contemporary development.  Courses provide students with a theoretical framework for doctoral research and dissertation as well for writing articles and conference presentations.

  • Research Design and Methodology in Political Science
  • Advanced Political Science: Main Concepts and Perspectives
  • Contemporary Political Thought: continuation and change
  • International Relations: Institutions, Processes, and Challenges

Doctoral Seminar allows students to acquire the analytical competencies necessary to develop and conduct individual research projects and prepare a doctoral dissertation based on the projects under the supervision of the supervisor. Students participate in doctoral seminars throughout the whole Program (8 semesters). The list of the professors teaching the seminars and the area of studies offered within the seminars are announced before the start of the program. Doctoral students choose the seminar in the first 3 months of the program.

Internships The Program does not include compulsory internships although students can choose to intern as teaching assistants at UMCS for up to 60 hours per year. The internship aims to prepare doctoral students for higher education teaching. Students can also opt for non-credit internships in other sectors, in which case they will be able to use UMCS Career Services and Political Science Faculty Internship Program.


Doctoral students in the Program develop and conduct Individual Research Projects throughout all 8 semesters. The Projects are concluded with the preparation of the doctoral dissertation and the public defense of the dissertation. The general outline of the Individual Research Project is submitted by the candidate during the admission process. Students are assisted in their work on the Individual Research Projects by their Doctoral Supervisors, who are the professors from the Institute of Political Science at UMCS. Mid-program evaluation of the Research Projects is conducted after the 4th semester of the Doctoral Program by the Evaluation Commission appointed by the Director of the Doctoral School. 

Doctoral supervisors conduct doctoral seminars as well as supervise and support doctoral students in their independent research work i.e. work out with the doctoral student an individual research plan and supervise its implementation; hold regular tutorials and consultation with the student, evaluate the development of the doctoral project, provide substantive and methodical assistance the research and preparation of doctoral dissertation; support student’s applications for grants, conferences, internships, and research visits.    


The Program is 4 years long (8 semesters). Semesters 1-5 includes approximately 100 teaching hours of coursework per semester. During semesters 6-8 students participate in Doctoral Seminars and focus on the individual research projects and doctoral dissertations under the supervision of their advisors. 

Evaluations consist of exams and class evaluations; students need to finish each semester with a positive evaluation of all courses offered in the semester and a positive evaluation of student’s participation in a doctoral seminar. The Director of the Doctoral School can allow for changes in the student’s exam schedule as well as grant individual study programs to students due to personal, medical, or other important reasons...

Teaching Methods Program offers versatile teaching methods including lectures as well as interactive classes such as seminars, tutorials, projects, and workshops. Most of the coursework is conducted in small groups of students (up to 15 persons).