Political Science and Public Administration Discipline at UMCS


UMCS has a long-standing tradition and substantial experience in research and academic teaching in the discipline of Political Science and Public Administration. The program in Political Science was first organized at UMCS as early as in 1970ties and the 1980 brought the first master’s program in Political Science. The University has one of the oldest in Poland and highly evaluated undergraduate and graduate programs in International Relations which was awarded the excellence evaluation by the National Accreditation Commission in 2019. Currently the discipline of Political Science and Public Administration is organized into an Institute of Political Science which focuses on research and Faculty of Political Science running various programs for graduate and undergraduate students. 


Prof. dr hab Katarzyna Marzęda, UMCS Institute of Political Science

 “…Our PhD program in political science is addressed for creative and active people, who want to develop their research interests….”


UMCS Political Science Faculty has for many years conducted innovative, interdisciplinary and profiled research centered on the leading theme of Poland, Europe and the global world in the process of transformations. Main areas of academic research in the Institute include international studies, national and ethnic studies, media studies, philosophy and sociology of politics, studies of political and religious movements, theory of politics and methodology of political science, comparative studies of political systems, human rights and rule of law, local governance and policy.

The Institute has intensive cooperation with many academic centers in Poland and abroad taking part in research teams and programs, academic exchanges, organizing scientific conferences, publications and visiting scholarships. The research staff of the Institute has the rich record of publications including publishing several academic journals, such as Annales Universitatis Mariae Curie-Skłodowska; Anuario Latinoamericano – Ciencias Políticas y Relaciones Internacionales; Wschód Europy. Studia humanistyczno-społeczne.

Academic staff of the Institute has been awarded grants, awards and distinctions by various national and international bodies. i.a. Polish Institute of Foreign Affairs, Polish Political Science Association; National Science Center; Polish Ministry of National Education; Polish Film Academy; European Commission; Japan Foundation;  Agora Foundation;   New York Festival World’s Best TV & Films; National Program for Development of Humanities; Polish Society for Social Communication;  International Visegrad Found, Asociación Mexicana de Ciencias Políticas, Polish-American Fulbright Commission, MOFA Taiwan. Director: Prof. dr hab. Marek Pietraś


UMCS Faculty of Political Science was established in 1993 concluding transformation of the UMCS political science into a separate faculty. Study programs are now offered in seven fields: political science, international relations, national security, public administration, journalism and social communication, media production, information society, East-European studies both on undergraduate (BA) and graduate (MA) level.  The Faculty consists of 11 chairs, the Reportage Laboratory (in the Chair of Social Communication), and the Laboratory for Studies on the Literary Institute in Paris (in the Chair of Journalism).  More then 1600 students  and over 100 members of research and teaching faculty contribute to Faculty’s  vibrant academic community. Dean of the Faculty of Political Science  Prof. dr hab. Wojciech Ziętara 


 UMCS Institute and Faculty of Political Science has developed and implemented the new strategy of internationalization since 2016. The strategic goals concerning internationalization include strengthening research potential by international scientific cooperation; internationalization of the teaching process and the Faculty’s teaching offer in English; development of international skills and competences of students; raising external funding for research and teaching and increased recruitment of international students, introduction of research projects and  double diploma programs with international partners. 


Prof. dr Dave Jarvis, UMCS Institute of Political Science

 „…One of the things I like about the UMCS Political Science Faculty is that it attracts students from many different countries, a perfect environment to teach and study international relations…”

The Faculty offers undergraduate and graduate programs in English.

MA Program in International Relationsoffers unique curriculum which includes not only core courses in modern international relations but also explores many social, political, economic and cultural aspects of international affairs and offers specializations adjusted to students' needs and interests with specializations in International Relations in Central and Eastern, Economic Diplomacy and International Place Branding allowing students prepare for careers in specific sectors of international relations. 

BA Program in International Relations offers multidimensional study of contemporary global system.  It is designed for students interested in various aspects of international and transnational relations including politics, society, security, environment and culture. Curriculum includes courses on global, regional and national level of international relations and 3 specializations in Global Economy and Business, Regional Studies – Central – East Europe, Regional Studies – Asia and Pacific which allow students to specialize in a chosen area.



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