The main objective of the NAWA STER Program is the systemic support of internationalization of Doctoral Schools.
The financial support in the amount of PLN 2,000,000 for the period of 3 years within the Program will be used by the Doctoral Schools at UMCS to implement the following activities.

1. Scholarships for the best foreign doctoral students;

2. Ph.D. Students` Internships in Foreign Research Centers (scientific, research or training internships) and participation of doctoral students in artistic internships abroad;

3. Participation of Ph.D. students in Summer School organized by UMCS;

4. Mentoring Programme for the Best Doctoral Students (6 mentors);
5. Visiting Professors Programme (9 foreign lecturers);

6. Transdisciplinary Workshops for Supervisors;

7. Expert Seminar on Internationalization of Doctoral Schools at UMCS and study visits by doctoral schools staff;

8. Acquiring Ph.D. students by expansion of the educational offer of UMCS DS as well as strengthening the visibility and recognition of UMCS abroad.