Foreign travels formalities


A doctoral student intending to take a business trip abroad, e.g., conference, queries, etc., is required to submit the following documents to the Doctoral Schools' Office:

1. An application to the Director of the School containing the purpose and date of the trip and the estimated costs of the trip signed by the Supervisor and the Institute Director.
2. Supervisor's opinion justifying the trip abroad.
3. In case of going to a foreign conference, information from the organizers about accepting the presentation and an application for prepayment of the conference fee should be enclosed.
4. Application for a business trip abroad(please fill out the application on the computer).

All documents concerning the foreign trip should be submitted to the Doctoral School Office within 14 days before the planned trip.

The trip should be accounted for within 14 days of the end of the trip.

After returning from an abroad trip, please send the following information to the email address

  1. Name of the traveling party
  2. Country of departure
  3. Date and time of departure from Lublin or place of permanent or temporary residence
  4. Date and time of crossing the Polish border during departure (plane take-off or physical border crossing)
  5. Date and time of crossing the Polish border during return (plane landing or physical border crossing)
  6. Date and time of return to Lublin or place of permanent or temporary residence
  7. Statement about the food provided (e.g., food provided: breakfast 29.06.2023, lunch 30.06.2023, dinner 30.06.2023), you can use the form appendix no. 4 Order of the Rector JM 69/2022
  8. In the case of use of a private car - a scanned page of the "car book" with an entry concerning the trip and the approval of the funds' administrator (approval for the use of a car should be provided already at the stage of trip application what CWM)
  9. Additional information necessary for proper settlement of the trip

NOTE: Original invoices, receipts, tickets remain with you.

After the settlement is made by an employee of the Finance Team, you will receive a settlement for review. Foreign delegations do not require printing and obtaining signatures.

NOTE: Students and doctoral students will still be asked to send original documents along with a hand-signed settlement.

After receiving a positive opinion from the Director of the School, the doctoral student is obliged to collect the documents and submit them to the Foreign Travel Team to Ms. Eliza Słoboda or Ms. Beata Pruchniak (Rektorat building, room 1308).

The invoice must be issued to the University address:

VAT/NIP: PL 712 010 36 92

The Regulation of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy dated October 25, 2022  on the receivables due to an employee of a state or self-government budget unit for a business travel.