Application procedures

Dear Ph.D. students, applications with a complete set of documents should be submitted to the Doctoral Schools' Office at least 7 days before the payment deadline.

The Director of the School must be informed about any research activity financed from the sources of the Doctoral School.

Conference prepayment procedure:

1. Application to the school director, including estimated conference costs, signed by the supervisor and the director of the Institute.

2. Promoter's opinion justifying participation in the conference.

3. Information from the organizers about the acceptance of the presentation.

4. Application for the public procurement (separate for accommodation).

6. Request for a prepayment addressed to the Bursary for the payment of the conference fee, specifying the amount, date of the transfer recipient and his bank account, and the content that the conference organizer expects in the transfer title, in addition to the doctoral student's personal data (If you have a proforma or an invoice, the document described is sufficient for payment)

7. Attachment in the form of a printout from the conference website (or an e-mail from the conference organizers) confirming the amount of the transfer, its recipient, and the bank account.

Procedure for purchase of books, textbooks:

1. Application for the public procurement  signed by the Director of the Institute and the Supervisor in para. 6, along with a protocol of the conducted proceedings, which should be accompanied by a review of the proposals (at least two), and a statement from the library  that the books will be accepted into its inventory.

2. Purchase order for the purchase of books/i , on which you should provide details for invoice.

3. After receiving approval for the purchase, ask the Contractor to issue a proforma invoice.

4. Once received, it should be forwarded to the Doctoral School Office, which will forward it to the Finance Team for payment of the order.

5. The actual invoices, once the order is processed, should be submitted to the School Office as soon as they are received, e.g. if you receive them electronically, just send via e-mail.

6. Ordered books, textbooks must be sent to the address of the Doctoral Schools.

7. Books, textbooks will be at your disposal after receiving the appropriate signature.

Data for the invoice:

Uniwersytet Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej

Pl. Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej 5

20-031 Lublin

NIP: 712-010-36-92 or PL 712-010-36-92 (from outside of Poland)