Professor Marek Hetmański

 Director of Doctoral School of Humanities and Art

Professor Marek Hetmański is the head of the Ontology and Epistemology Department, Institute of Philosophy, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University. His fields and disciplines of research are epistemology, philosophy of mind, theory of information and communication, artificial intelligence, and cognitive science. Research topics include expert knowledge and expertise, theories of rationality and decision-making, philosophy of technology and information, philosophy of artificial intelligence, as well as social and technical conditions of cognition and knowledge; more recently: metaphoricity of language and visual representations in philosophy, literature, art and mass communication. He is the author of such monographs as Umysł a środowisko. Wokół koncepcji George’a Herberta Meada (Lublin 1998), Umysł a maszyny. Krytyka obliczeniowej teorii umysłu (Lublin 2000), Epistemologia informacji (Krakow 2013); Świat informacji (Warsaw 2015) and editor of among others: Rationality and Decision Making: From Normative Rules to Heuristics (Leiden-Boston 2018); Metafory ucieleśnione (Lublin 2021). For more information on his academic activities and research visit:,936,pl.html